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I review awesome things

On this website I will be reviewing a lot of my favorite toys and video games. I'll also do some podcasts, and maybe I'll do some other stuff.

Along with the toy reviews in text, I'll provide stop-motion demonstration videos with a commentary where I talk about the toy that I'm reviewing, and show you some of the really big features of the toy.

For the video game reviews, I'll pretty much be doing what I do in the toy reviews (even though instead of stop-motion, I'll be putting clips of the video games in along with a commentary).

At the end of a lot of my reviews, I'll give you links that take you to the site where you can get your own version of the toy that you just saw the review for.

I review the toys that I really like, and I think the toys that I review are definitely worth the money.

There will be plenty more cool things that I'll do on this site aside from reviews, and a lot of these things will involve toys in some way. And by cool things, I mean really really really really really cool things.

And for the crowd that goes to Youtube, I'll be posting my demonstration videos there too.

So when I post a new video on Youtube or this site, expect really really really awesome things.

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