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If there were more stars I would give it a higher rating.

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In late 2001, the first iPod was released. Many iPods came after that, changing and evolving but always maintaining that distinct Apple quality. And now, almost nine years later, the iPad is released.

The iPad looks like a much larger version of the iPod Touch, but the iPad does a lot more than any of the previous iPods. Especially the 3G version. Because if you have the 3G version, you can surf the internet any time you're in range of an AT&T tower.

The screen quality is much better than the iPod Touch, and not only can you play games and download apps specifically for the iPad, but you can also download games and apps for the iPod Touch/iPhone. But the screen quality is much better on the iPad games if you were to download both kinds of games.

Another thing that makes this better than the iPod Touch is that you have a lot more space to move your fingers. So you're less likely to make a mistake in a game like... oh I don't know, maybe... the Minesweeper app.

Like the iPod Touch, this comes with the Youtube app, but it takes a video a long time to load on that version of Youtube. And if you play the video while it's loading, chances are that it will buffer.

There's so many things that it can do; it has a calendar that goes all the way back to the 19th century; it has the Google Maps feature where you can walk through places in Japan, America, China, and a lot more countries; you can check your email on it; it has an iBooks app that you can download when you go to the App Store for the first time; there's productivity software that you can download, like Virtuoso Piano 3; and you can use it as a Kindle.

I own an iPod nano, but as much as I like it, I think that the iPad is a much better experience than the iPod because it gives you a lot more stuff to do than the iPod, it has a very sleek and glossy screen (the screen making up most of the computer), and I think there's some metal on the back.

One reminder though: Don't give this to a child if he has a tendancy to put action figures on the screen and pretend that the action figure is skateboarding (since there is a Touchgrind app available), otherwise he will scratch up the screen and you'll be very sad.

Since this is a touch screen computer, it has the inevitable flaw of being a fingerprint magnet. But when it's on, you don't even notice that you got your disgusting skin oils all over this great piece of machinery.

The cheapest one that you can buy is the 16G for $500 -- which is a little steep, but you're getting almost everything in one notebook-sized computer. So it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Once you have it and you've gotten the chance to mess around with it, you won't regret buying it ('pff', like you would regret buying it before you got to mess with it).

So if you had to choose between an iPod and an iPad, I would recommend the iPod for its portability and the fact that it can fit in your pocket, but I would recommend the iPad because in can do a lot more than an iPod.

So spring for an iPad. It does more than the iPod. In fact that should be the slogan for the iPad.


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