Shin Musha Gundam Review

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Shin Musha Gundam

from Ban Dai (Japan)

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Sooooooo coooool.

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Over the years, there have been a lot of toys. Transformers, Gobots, Machine Robo, Shogun Warriors, Visionaries, Crystar, and a lot more. Almost all of these lines came out in America and Japan. And it seems that the Japanese toys are going for a lot more than the American toys. That’s probably because you can’t get certain styles of figures from the usual places.

The Japanese toys are definitely rarer than the American toys (except in places like Japan). And sometimes they use better materials, like metal. And then there are the toys that are the same molds as the American figures, but they have different color schemes. The Japanese toy companies usually use chrome in places on the figures.

And then there are the figures that don’t come factory-assembled. The figures where the pieces of the thing that you want are still on those little plastic frames known as trees. And you have to clip off all of the pieces and file down all of the points where the pieces were connected to the trees, and then put the entire thing together and make a completely and utterly awesome action figure.

I am of course talking about the Japanese model kits. Things like the Kotobukya kits, or the Ban Dai Gundam kits.

For this review, I’m going to be looking at the Shin Musha Gundam model kit. My first Gundam model kit and my favorite Mobile Suit.

There are actually two versions of this kit: There’s the regular version, which has no gold chrome, and orange-red parts, and then there is the Sengoku no Jin version, which has a gold chrome and metallic red color scheme. I have the Sengoku no Jin version, and I actually prefer that version.

This Gundam is from a line of Mobile Suits called the Musha Gundam. The Musha Gundam are a series of Gundam that were modeled after warriors such as Samurai, Ninja, and knights.

This particular Gundam is modeled after a Samurai that you would probably picture when you thought of a Samurai.

This figure is a great fusion of old-style Samurai armor and the modern design of the Gundam robots. The armor has a very cool feature where some of it moves: The inner shoulder armor moves in and out, the outer shoulder armor moves in and out, back and forth, and forward on a double joint. The waist armor is very cool; all of the armor moves outward, allowing you to pose him in a lot of different battle stances. And there is a very cool feature with the front waist armor, where it’s actually four separate pieces, and the pieces are connected by hinges. So the front waist armor is actually like fabric.

The articulation is freaking amazing on this figure, and it’s not hindered by anything: The arms rotate 360 degrees, go in and out, rotate above the elbow, and move on a double joint in the elbow. The hands are on ball joints that connect to the forearms, and the hands are also on hinges that are connected to the ball joints that connect to the forearms. The trigger fingers move, the other three fingers move together, and the thumbs move. The head is on two ball joints; one below the neck and one that’s connected to the head. All four rockets on the back move independently, and he has a double-jointed waist. His legs are on ball joints and they can move in and out, back and forth, and rotate slightly. The knees are double-jointed (and there are actually hydraulics in the knees, which I think is a very cool touch), and the ankles move back and forth (again, hydraulics), and they’re on ball joints.

He also comes with four weapons: The Nichirinmaru Katana, which is a big, freaking awesome katana blade; the Tanegashima Gun, which is a big, freaking awesome old-style musket; the Denkoumaru Naginata, which is a blade... on a STEEK! And it’s very cool looking when the figure is holding it, and finally, there is the Sankoumaru Jumonji Yari, which is sort of a trident.

Since this figure is so poseable, it can actually hold the weapons very naturally. But since this figure is so freaking awesome, you wouldn’t want to just pose him on your shelf, would you? No, he needs to be posed on a display stand on your shelf. Fortunately, he has one.

The display stand that he comes with consists of a big, solid black stand with a screen connected to the back of it (one of those Japanese screens with scenes depicted on the fabric part). The display stand also comes with two things that have Japanese letters on them -- a stand for the Tanegashima Gun and the Nichirinmaru Katana, and two stands for the Denkoumaru Naginata and the Sankoumaru Jumonji Yari.

This is a very well-done display stand; between the Japanese screen backdrop, and the stands for all of the weapons, it’s almost like a small dojo for your Gundam.

Like I said, this is a model kit, so it might take you a while to put it together, but it’s definitely worth it.

For the great amount of articulation, the array of weapons, the display stand, the small details like the front waist armor being four separate pieces, and the look of the figure, if you like putting things like this together and adding a lot of details like small orange stickers, I highly recommend the Shin Musha Gundam kit.

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