Kamen Rider Wing Knight With Blackwing And Len

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Kamen Rider Wing Knight With Blackwing And Len

from Ban Dai (America)

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Some pretty cool figures.

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Kamen Rider is a line by Ban-Dai. It first appeared in Japan in the 1970s.

We'll start with Wing Knight: Wing Knight is a very detailed figure, I don't watch the show but I can see all of the detail that they worked into this design. They got all of the ridges and creases on the suit. I also really like the painted detail on the figure, he has the expected "awesome Ban-Dai paint scheme": he has the really good looking Ban-Dai silver on his arms, knees, chest, helmet, and belt. He has some black on his legs, back, forearms, and helmet. He has this really dark, metallic blue all over him. And they even painted the Advent Card reader on his belt.

Speaking of Advent Cards, Wing Knight comes with the "Nasty Vent" which from the looks of it is a sonic attack. All of these figures come with an Advent Card, even the human clothed rider and Contract Beast sets.

Another cool thing (since this line is basically an American version of "Kamen Rider Ryuki") is that all of these figures can sit in the DX Rideshooter (which is a giant bike).

The articulation on this figure is pretty basic: his arms can rotate 360 degrees, his hands can rotate 360 degrees at the wrist, his head can move up and down and turn 360 degrees, and his legs can go in and out, back and forth, and they can bend at the knee.

Blackwing and Len are also pretty cool. Len is a human-clothed version of Wing Knight, he's an okay figure, his articulation is a lot more basic than Wing Knight: his arms can rotate 360 degrees, and his head can rotate 360 degrees. He's a pretty detailed figure though: he's wearing all black, and he has an Advent Belt that's surprisingly bigger than the one on Wing Knight.

Blackwing is really cool, he's Wing Knight's Contract Beast. Each Contract Beast is assigned to a specific rider, and the Contract Beast must obey the rider's commands no matter what the rider's intention might be. The Contract Beast is extremely loyal to the rider it's assigned to, and it will take off parts of itself for the rider to use as weapons or shields. In this case (and this is the cool part), Blackwing's tail will form a sword for Wing Knight, and Blackwing himself will form wings that wrap around Wing Knight to form a suit of armor. The thing is that if the contract beast disappears in any way, so does the rider it's assigned to (and vice versa), so they're kind of reliant on each other.

Blackwing's articulation is really good: his wings can move at three points of articulation, his head is on a ball joint, his tail can move up and down, and his legs are on ball joints.

Overall, I think these figures are really cool because of the articulation, the paint scheme, and the overall design of the figures. So if you want a Kamen Rider figure that you don't have to wait to get from Japan, get one of these figures, they're really cool and the fact that they can be used with the Rideshooter adds some extra play value.


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