Micronauts Acroyear With Crimson Armor

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Micronauts Acroyear With Crimson Armor

from Palisades Toys

Product description

A toy from one of my favorite lines of action figures.

Product Research

Micronauts was originally made in the 1970s by a toy company called MEGO, and then in 2002 they were re-released by a company called Palisades Toys.

One of the things that I really like about this line is that all of the figures had some form of interchangeable parts, for example: Space Glider had interchangeable hands, an interchangeable gun, and an interchangeable helmet. Membros had interchangeable hands, guns, feet, and an interchangeable outer brain. Time Traveller had interchangeable hands, feet, and an interchangeable chest plate. And Acroyear had interchangeable arms, wings, a sword, a drone-like thing, his head, and interchangeable feet.

They made a lot of color variants on the Micronauts figures, which increased the play value considerably. Because with the really big feature of having interchangeable parts, you could have a lot of multicolored Micronauts and Acroyears lying around.

Palisades did a great job on the reproductions of these figures. They got all of the details that they had on the original toys. And I don't know if they intended this, but on my red Membros figure, if you push down on the head, he kind of has a kung fu grip. They even got the die-cast on some of the figures. And if it's not die-cast, it'll probably have a piece of plastic that's painted with chrome.

Acroyear is an awesome figure. The body is metal (except for the red CHROME chest plate), and the wheels are on the back of the feet are metal.

The articulation is great considering than this is basically a 70s toy: the legs can move back and forth, they can bend at the knee, and the ankles can rotate. The arms can rotate 360 degrees but are hindered by the wings, they can move in and out, and they can bend at the elbow. And the head can rotate 360 degrees.

Speaking of the head, Acroyear looks like he has eyes on the back of his head, and they actually used that part as his face in the original commercial.

One demonstration of the the interchangeable parts is that you can take off one of his V.T.O.L-like wings and and he can hold it in his hand like a shield.

Acroyear is supposed to be a hero among his people, a knight among his comrades, and an enemy of the Micronauts. But this guy looks too freaking awesome to be a bad guy.

I love the red chrome on this figure, it looks really good on him and it helps balance out the black and white so that he doesn't look like a robotic Mickey Mouse (we already have one anyway).

One minor gripe that I want to point out is that he has weight on his back and wheels in his feet and he's prone to falling over. Like I said, it's a minor gripe. But it's worth mentioning to those who just finished making a giant trail of dominoes and wants to display Acroyear right in front of it.

I think these toys are great because of the articulation, the large amount of play value, and the overall look of the figures.

I think it kind of sucks that Palisades isn't making action figures anymore, especially this series. There were so many things that MEGO made, like Biotron, the Micronauts Battle Cruiser, and Micropolis. And if Palisades didn't go bankrupt in 2006, I think that there would be a lot more Micronauts things today.

I really like this figure, and I recommend it.

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