Micronauts Blue And Yellow Space Glider

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Micronauts Blue And Yellow Space Glider

from Palisades Toys

Product description

He glides in space.

Product Research

Space Glider is the leader of the Micronauts.

One thing that I found out while I was taking the figure out of the package that I thought was really freaking cool, is that THIS FIGURE IS MADE ALMOST ENTIRELY OUT OF DIE-CAST METAL!!! When they said painstaking detail I didn't think that they would include that much detail. I would say that he's about 94 percent metal.

The always expected interchangeable parts are: hands, a gun, a helmet, and some sort of flight pack that I can't remember the technical term for.

The flight pack is pretty cool, it's painted with chrome, and if you hit a switch on the back, wings pop out. Which is reminiscent to a certain Space Ranger.

I'm kind of scared to take the helmet off and to put it back on again because the paint on the head seems like it will scrape off if you're not careful. And by the way, at a certain angle without his helmet he looks kind of like he has a mullet.

Another cool feature is that all of these figures can fit in the original Micronaut vehicles. But sadly, I don't have any.

If you look closely, he looks kind of like Acroyear, he has the fin on his head, the ridge things on his stomach area, and he has the helicopter blades on his wings.

The articulation on this figure is great: his head can rotate 360 degrees on a ball joint (by this time I'm tapped on pea soup barf jokes), his arms can rotate 360 degrees, go in and out, bend at the elbow, and rotate at the wrist, his waist can rotate 180 degrees, his legs can go in and out, back and forth, and bend at the knee.

I think this line is really cool, it's a really fun series of toys where you get to goof around with all of the features and reconfigure all of the parts to make your own toys.

I recommend this figure for the articulation, the detail, the play value, the extreme amount of METAL, and the overall look of the toy.



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