Micronauts Red Membros

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Micronauts Red Membros

from Palisades Toys

Product description

A heavily armed figure and a very awesome Micronaut.

Product Research

Membros is my first Micronaut ever, I got him off of Bigbadtoystore along with two other figures, and I don't regret spending the money at all.

Being a Micronaut, he has interchangeable parts: he has hands that you can switch out for his guns, he has interchangeable feet, and he has an interchangeable outer brain.

There are three variations of Membros that I've seen so far: there is the transluscent yellow Membros, there is the  solid black Membros, and the one that I have (next to the red one) is the transluscent glow-in-the-dark green Membros.

All of the original Micronauts aliens had glow-in-the-dark brains. The red one doesn't have this feature though, and I'm not so sure about the other ones. HOWEVER, the green one does have a glow-in-the-dark brain that you can replace with any of the other ones so that they're more accurate to the original figure.

Before we get to the more awesome stuff, I want to point out some of the more... not awesome stuff: first, on every Micronaut, there is a hole on the back of the figure, that is because they all come with things that go on their backs. This one has a thing that has a pipe that connects to one of the guns that he has, when I first took him out of the box, I tried to put this thing on his back, it just slid off, It's not a problem anymore, I fixed it by wrapping a thin strip of tape around the peg. The second one isn't really fixable, the pipes on these figures can sometimes be kind of brittle, and they can break easily. It hasn't happened to either of my Membros figures, but it did happen to my Time Medic figure. BEWARE OF THE BRITTLE PIPES!!!

One thing that I noticed that I thought was really freaking awesome: Is that his hands are different, one of his hands is robotic, the other is organic. This is a feature that I noticed a few hours after I took him out of the box. And it is, like I said, really freaking awesome.

And if you didn't read the Acroyear review, I'll explain one of Membros' features: The whole figure is held together by a rubber band that's wrapped around a little bar in the chest that holds the arms in place, that's connected to the head. When you push the head down, it turns the bar in his chest and raises the arms, and it lowers them when you let go. So it's sort of like he has a kung fu grip. But sadly, The green one doesn't have this feature. So I don't know if they intended this, or if it's a matter of loose joints.

Speaking of joints, lets check out the articulation: his arms can rotate 360 degrees, go in and out, and rotate at the wrist. His head can rotate 360 degrees on a ball joint. His waist can rotate 180 degrees. His legs can go back and forth, in and out, bend at the knee, and his feet can rotate 360 degrees at the ankle.

I am really happy that I got this figure. The articulation is really ahead of its time, the details are amazing, the interchangeable parts are a really awesome feature, and overall, this was a line that could do no wrong.

So if you see him somewhere on the internet for a decent price, go ahead and get him, and even if it's expensive, go ahead and get him, you won't be disappointed.


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