Micronauts Time Traveler Medic

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Micronauts Time Traveler Medic

from Palisades Toys

Product description

Another great figure in the long line of Micronauts variants.

Product Research

The Time Traveler Medic (or Time Medic) is the first brand new Micronaut that has been produced in over thirty years, and I think it's really cool of Palisades to make a new design of an original Micronauts toy.

Time Medic's primary colors are: red chrome, and white. He's a little lacking in paint apps but he makes up for it in molded detail.

His interchangeable parts are: hands, feet, ankle gaurds, a pipe that connects to the Med-Pod that he comes with, what I'm assuming is his Medical Cyber-Module, and I don't know if the other Time Travelers come with this but I'm going to include it just in case: There are these rubber rings that he comes with that he can hold in his hands, but I don't know what they're supposed to do. like I said, I don't know if they're exclusive to this particular figure or if they come on all of the Time Traveler figures.

If you didn't read the Membros review, I'll explain one minor gripe that I have with one of the accesories that comes with this figure: The pipes that come with some of these figures can be kind of brittle, and they might break if you force them too much, it hasn't happened to either of my Membros figures but it did happen to my Time Medic, it's a hit-or-miss issue though.

Another really cool detail that I noticed is that if you remove his Cyber-Module thing, and if you look very closely, you can see that they added some molded techno-detailing on the stomach area. I had this toy for at least a month before I noticed that detail.

The Med-Pod is also really cool, it has a lot of molded detail, and you can fit any Micronaut on it on account of that hole in all of their backs. And the fact that it splits in half makes it great for storing the extra parts that he comes with, plus some other Micronaut parts that you might have lying around.

The articulation is pretty good: his arms can go in and out, bend at the elbow, and rotate at the wrist, his legs can go back and forth, in and out, and bend at the knee, the feet can rotate, and pivot on a ball joint, rotate at the waist, and the head can rotate 360 degrees on a ball joint.

Overall, I recommend this figure for all of the same reasons that I recommend the other figures, plus the fact that he comes with a life support system that all of the other Micronauts can peg on to.


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