Mugenbine Digkong

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Mugenbine Digkong

from Ban Dai (Japan)

Product description

An awesome figure and the fourth figure in the line.

Product Research

Mugenbine is a line of toys by Ban-Dai. It first appeared in the last episode of a show called “Machine Robo Rescue”, and the line has been around ever since.

Sadly, Mugenbine didn’t get its own TV show, and I really think that it should have one. The one that did appear in the show was called Airleon, which was the very first Mugenbine.

Digkong is the fourth figure in this line. His modes are a steam shovel, a gorilla, and his pieces can form armor for the Mugenroid; which is the core robot that comes in the set.

The Mugenroid is a decent figure all on its own. He has a good range of articulation, his legs can go forward and back, in and out, and they can bend at the knee. His arms can rotate 360 degrees. And the head can move up and down. The reason for this amount of articulation is because the Mugenroid can fold into different shapes.

One more thing that I will point out before I get to the first mode, is that this line is sort of a building toy line, in which all of these sets have pieces that are interchangeable, and sometimes the sets revolve solely around what the pieces form. So if you lose a piece and that’s the only set that you have, then you’ll have robots with no arms, or decapitated animals, and maybe even an airplane without wings. So be sure to take  good care of the pieces if you’re going to get a figure from this line.

Steam shovel mode is actually pretty cool, the cab rotates 360 degrees, and the shovel can move at four points of articulation (including the peg on the Mugenroid’s shoulder that holds the shovel). As far as toys with pieces go, this is a pretty accurate portrayal of a steam shovel.

The armor mode is also pretty cool, he has giant tread feet, and this freaking HUGE shovel-claw. It’s a simple mode but it looks really good.

Gorilla mode is awesome! He has this really cool looking head made from the shovel and the canopy, he has these really cool looking tread-legs on the back, and he has these GIANT freaking claws on the front.  

All around it looks really cool and really dangerous, and I’m really glad that I got it.

Overall, it’s a really well-designed toy and if you can find it, I would say GET HIM!!!

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