Mugenbine Guardkong

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Mugenbine Guardkong

from Ban Dai (Japan)

Product description

An awesome figure and one of my first Mugenbine.

Product Research

Guardkong is one of the engine Mugenbine, of which there are three (that I know of).

Instead of a Mugenroid (the core robot that comes with a lot of the Mugenbine sets), the engine Mugenbine sets come with a motorized, cube-like unit, called a Mugen Engine. There are two variations of the Mugen Engine that I've seen so far: there is the engine that has a spinning disc which allows you to make robots with a power-punch feature, and then there is the engine that has two bars that move in tandem with each other. These bars have pegs on them which allows you to make animals with flapping wings, or animals with opening mouths that make them look like extras from Legion.

In animal mode, Guardkong is, as given away by the name, a gorilla.

The paint scheme is really well done. He has some really good looking gold on his arms, legs, and back. So I guess you could call him a "Golden Back Gorilla", as opposed to a "Silver Back Gorilla". He also has a really bright red on him along with some charcoal gray.

Being an engine Mugenbine, he has a kind of feature where you move something and something else moves, kind of like a Jenga tower, or Automorph for the Transformers fans that are reading this. The feature that Guardkong has is that if you turn a knob on his back, his head spins (pea soup attachment not included).

Robot mode is just as awesome. I like this mode for two reasons: 1. He's proportionally correct, and 2. His paint scheme is freaking amazing. He has some more of that really vibrant red from the animal mode, and he also has a really glossy metallic green around his face.

The engine feature still works in this mode, and this time, in whichever hand you put the weapon, it looks like he's trying to be a lumberjack.

Overall, he's a really hefty, solid gorilla, that turns into a really hefty, solid robot. And if you can get your hands on him, go for it.

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