Transformers Alternators Ricochet

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Transformers Alternators Ricochet

from Hasbro

Product description

A look at an awesome figure and my very first Alternator.

Product Research

In vehicle mode, Ricochet is a Subaru Impreza WRX, and a really detailed one at that.

In the Alternators line, the figures were detailed all around.

One feature that I think all of the Alternators had, were the opening doors and the very detailed interior.

Which is a feature That I rather like.

Ricochet however, not only has opening doors and a very detailed interior, but he also has an opening hood, an opening trunk, and synchronized pivoting wheels.

Another really cool thing is that you can fit a Human Alliance figure inside the vehicle.

It takes some work but, it's possible.

Between the chrome on the headlights, the really cool paint job, and the overall detail of the vehicle, this is a very cool vehicle mode and a very good representation of a Subaru Impreza.

The robot mode is the same way, it's awesome! one thing that you have to make a note of though, is that some of the panels are really thin, and sometimes they can snap off.

It hasn't happened to me yet, but I've heard that some parts might break off if you force them too much.

Theres a lot of detail on the figure.

It really looks like an updated version of one of the three G1 Prowl repaints/retools.

The articulation is kind of limited, but it makes up for it in the overall design and detail of the figure.

It's a really cool figure and if you want to get it, there is a link on the bottom for the website that has it in stock.

I got mine at my local comic book store, and I am very happy to say that they're sold out of Alternators


Go HERE for the Alternators Ricochet



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