Transformers Henkei Mirage Aka Rijie

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Transformers Henkei Mirage Aka Rijie

from Takara Tomy

Product description

This is my very first Mirage toy and also one of the two Henkei toys that I have.

Product Research

In vehicle mode, Mirage is a blue and white Formula-1 car with some chrome thrown in.

This mode is a very good representation of Mirage's G1 counterpart while also maintaining a modern look that a lot of the Classics and Henkei figures had.

They got a lot of the details from the original toy on this version: they put the chrome in all of the right places (the spoiler and the nose stabilizer), the blue and white look great on this figure, they added some blue chrome which looks great, and a strange thing about this toy (I say strange because to my knowlege, no other figure in this line has this) is that he has stickers for Autobot symbols. And I thought that detail was pretty cool, it makes him look more like a G1 toy.

One more thing is that he rolls very well, it's very hard to not get him to roll on all four wheels.

In robot mode, Mirage closely resembles his G1 counterpart, but he also closely resembles an Animated figure.

He has no car parts hanging off of him at all, and the car parts that you do see on him are used very well.

The articulation is also pretty good: the legs go in and out, back and forth, bend on a double-jointed knee because of the transformation, his feet can move up and down, and pivot on a ball joint, his waist can turn, his head can move up and down, and turn 360 degrees (I would make an Exorcist joke right about now, but I don't want to beat into the ground), his arms can go in and out, swivel, and bend at a double-jointed elbow.

There's one more awesome thing that I want to point out: There's this upside down Delta shaped hole on his... um... backside, and that hole makes him capable of fitting on a Revoltech stand.

Overall, I recommend this toy for the articulation, all those details that they worked in, the look of the toy in vehicle mode and robot mode, and the extremely awesome fact that he fits on a Revoltech stand. I also recommend this figure to Mirage fans.

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