Transformers Legends Of Cybertron Hot Shot

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Transformers Legends Of Cybertron: Hot Shot

from Hasbro

Product description

A really cool, rather small version of Hot Shot

Product Research

In vehicle mode Hot Shot is a bright blue sportscar.

He's a little lacking in paint apps in this mode, but the gold on the headlights, windows, and windshield kind of balances it out.

I really like the molded detail in this mode, he has all of the stuff that he had in the show, he has all of the vents, all of the aerodynamic race car things. He even has the place where you would usually fit the cyber-key.

The cyber-key power does work in this mode (the cyber-key power is a pair of wings, by the way), the only problem that I have with this feature is that you have to flip out the wings manually and they're kind of a pain to get out. It's a minor gripe but it's worth mentioning to those who have fingernails that bend easily.

Another cool feature is that he's one of the world's first Transformers RPMs, just stand him up and there's the robot mode.

Since the transformation is so simple (not the one in the previous paragraph), I thought I would demonstrate the transformation in the article as well as the demo video.

First, open the doors, the arms are molded on the back of both doors. Then pull on the back portion of the car and split it to form the legs. Now split the front portion of the car and move the two halves down. And finally, pull the top portion of the car and turn it 180 degrees. You don't have to push it back in, it's on a spring.

And here is Hot Shot in his robot mode. He has a few more paint apps in this mode, his chest is painted and he has some more gold from the vehicle mode on his head visor.

He has some more molded detail in this mode, like the pipes on the insides of the doors.

One small problem in this mode is that the arms are on snap-on hinges and sometimes they pop off of the shoulder and it can be hard to get them back in. Again, minor gripe, but it's worth mentioning.

The articulation is pretty basic, but that's what you can expect from a Legends Class figure. His arms can rotate 360 degrees, and go in and out at two points. His legs can move about 86 degrees in and out and move about 86 degrees forward.

I like Hot Shot, I like the character, and I've always liked the kinds of cars that he turned into, though I think that this is my favorite version of Hot Shot next to the RID Spychangers version.

Overall, 5 stars. It's a cool little figure that you can play with anywhere. Like if you work at a desk job and if you were done with all the things that you needed to do, you could play with a pocket-sized Hot Shot until your shift is over.

So, I really like this figure, and I recommend it. And if you want to get one, there is a link on the bottom of this page.

Go HERE to get the Legends of Cybertron Hot Shot

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