Transformers Rotf Deluxe Class Lockdown

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Transformers Rotf Deluxe Class Lockdown

from Hasbro

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In vehicle mode, Lockdown is a very, very, very spiky muscle car.

He has the same color scheme as the Animated Lockdown, but this one has a little more green. And the green on this figure is actually in two shades, and none of that green is the bright neon green on the Animated Lockdown. This one has a slightly brighter shade of neon green and kind of a lime peel green along the top and on the hood.The rest of the primary colors are: red tinted windows, gray, and black.

The plastic is really good, it's not cheap at all. The joints are tight, but not so tight that you have to use excessive force. And he rolls very well in vehicle mode.

One thing that you might notice is that there are spikes everywhere on this car, he's very pointy. I mean, you could use this toy as a meat tenderizer in vehicle mode. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's good that you have the option of doing so. The spikes are very cool and it makes him look like a more realistic version of Animated Lockdown.

In robot mode Lockdown is the same tall thin and scary robot that we all know and love, but he's not cartoony.

One thing that I want to point out is that the transformation is much more complex than the Animated Lockdown. And not only is the molded detail asymmetrical (which is a trait that the Animated Lockdown had), but the transformation is also asymmetrical. Which is a thing that surprised me when I first transformed it.

And, like the Animated Lockdown, he has the hook hand. But on this one it isn't detatchable. But it makes up for it in the transformation: you have to flip up the hook so that it doesn't look like he got the "arcade claw" while playing Pac-Man facing away from the screen for five hours straight. ANYWAY, when you flip the hook up, a piece of hydraulics in his forearm moves.

Something that I think is pretty cool is his engine weapon. Which, if you have Deluxe Ratchet, can be swapped out for Ratchet's EMP gun. Which is another really cool feature.

Lockdown's articulation is: his head can rotate 360 degrees, and go up and down on quadruple-jointed, segmented neck, his arms can go in and out, rotate 360 degrees, bend at the elbow, and rotate 360 degrees at the elbow, the legs can go back and forth, bend at the knee, bend forward at the knee (he has insectoid legs by the way), swivel (with a piston in his leg that turns when you swivel the leg), the shin can go in and out, and the feet can go up and down.

He's really poseable, and you can kind of customize him. Here's an example: You can have him hunched over with insectoid legs, you can have him up straight with insectoid legs, you can have him hunched over with straight legs, or you can have him standing completely straight to be taller and scarier.

The only problem that I have with this figure is that the arms are prone to popping off during the transformation. But that complaint is dwarfed by the sheer awesomeness of this figure.

I HIGHLY recommend this toy for the LARGE amount of articulation, the look of the toy in vehicle mode and robot mode, and overall, this figure is a great addition to your collection.

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