Transformers Rotf Human Alliance Bumblebee

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Transformers Rotf Human Alliance Bumblebee

from Hasbro

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I am speechless.

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In vehicle mode Bumblebee is a Chevy Camaro. And this mode is freaking amazing.

He has opening doors, and inside you have seats for two Human Alliance figures (in which there is a peg on both seats), a steering wheel that actually turns, and there is an odometer behind the steering wheel.

The outer details are also really accurate. He has the racing stripes, the grille, painted headlights, painted Chevy logos, painted wheels, molded disc brakes, painted taillights, a painted licence plate, and finally (gasp) you have a (gasp) painted gas cap (gasp).

Before I get to the robot mode, I would like to talk about the Sam Witwicky figure that comes with Bumblebee. The Sam figure is very detailed and he has fourteen points of articulation. His head can rotate 360 degrees (sadly, he doesn't come with the barf attachment for after his head rotation), he has universal joints in his shoulders, his waist rotates, and he has universal joints in his legs and knees. He can also interact with Bumblebee -- Sam can get on Bumblebee's back in robot mode and you can flip out a shoulder cannon that Sam can grab hold of, and that's just one of the features that he can interact with.

Now on to robot mode--robot mode is freaking awesome! It's the most accurate portrayal of Bumblebee that I know of that actually transforms. He has the arm cannon, he has the battle mask, the door-wings even angle up to give it a more movie-accurate appearance. It is a very well-designed figure.

Plus, you can use the features that the Sam figure can interact with without the actual Sam figure. So Bumblbee can have an extra arm cannon, or a shoulder cannon.

So if you want a Bumblebee that does almost everything that he did in the movie, get a Human Alliance Bumblebee.

I think that they they couldn't have done a better job on "Satan's Camaro".


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