Transformers Rotf For The Xbox 360

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Transformers RotF For The Xbox 360

from Luxoflux

Product description

Much better than the first game.

Product Research

This game was made by Luxoflux, the makers of the Vigilante 8 series, the Kung Fu Panda game, and the True Crime series.

The game focuses more on the plot from the movie with a few side missions thrown in, which is a big step up from the first game.

Another step up is that you get to pick the character you want to play as. Just as long as you're willing to some special thing a certain number of times as a specific character to unlock the one you want to play as (unless you're already playing as him).

One of the things that is not so great about the game is that instead of just pushing a button to transform, not only do you have to pull the L trigger to transform, but you have to hold the trigger to stay in vehicle mode. The part where this redeems itself however, is that you don't have to stop what you're doing if you want to go robot mode. So it's not all bad.

The transformations are also very accurate to the movie characters, which is another thing that the last game didn't have.

Does everyone remember the Wal-Mart exclusive G1 colored Starscream that was in the first movie line? Well now you can play as that Starscream when you get the copy of the Revenge of the Fallen game with the code allowing you to play as a G1 colored Starscream.

One of the things that they didn't change is the random selection of enemies: Stunticons, yellow Long Hauls, some sort of Jeep-ish enemy, Seekers which, surprisingly, are all colored like Skywarp, another construction vehicle, and helicopters that are extremely hard to melee attack.

And like almost all Next Gen games, this has regenerating health. Which is something that is repeated over and freaking over.

Some of the bosses in this game are much easier than the ones in the first game. I think that the only ones that were really hard were Starscream, Devastator, and Grindor.

The other good thing that they kept was that you still get to pick what faction you want to be on. Let me remind you that the PS2 and Wii versions don't have this.

And the final thing that I want to point out, is that this game actually puts the points that you get to some actual use: you get to level things up with the points, things like your weapons, your strength, your agility, your health.

Overall, I think that this game is great because of the graphics, the more accurate storyline, the good controls, and the fact that you can pick the character you want to play as and the faction you want to play on puts this game in a "this game is better than the first one" field.

I really, really recommend this game.


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