Tron Evolution Review

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Tron Evolution Review

from Propaganda Games

Product description

It's a prequel.

Product Research

Tron was a movie released in 1982 by Disney.

For the time, the effects in the movie were very good. Though CGI has certainly evolved over the years.

Then in 2003, the PC version of the video game sequel to Tron, Tron 2.0 was released. Later to be released for the Mac, and then for the XBOX as Tron 2.0: Killer App.

And now, as a prequel to the movie Tron: Legacy, the new video game: Tron: Evolution has come out.

Tron: Evolution has that sleek, glossy motif that’s going to be in the next movie, as opposed to the all white and glowing colors of the first movie. And it looks great.

In the previews the game looked like it had some jaggies, but the graphics are actually very good.

The gameplay is also very good. It’s awesome when you can run on a wall, jump off, and throw your identity disc at an enemy in mid-air.

There is a HUGE platformer element in the game. It definitely takes some of the fun out of the game when you constantly fall off the ledges and other platforms in the game. But all of the other cool stuff in the game makes up for that. One of the things that counters the huge platformer element is the average sized RPG element where you can get experience points, upgrade things about your character like the speed of your health and energy intake, level up, buy new light cycles once you’ve reached a certain level, and much more.

The design of the new light cycle is very cool. They’re much more heavily influenced by the original design than the ones in Tron: Legacy. The light cycle segments in the game are awesome. You can go very fast on the light cycle if you choose to do so, there are alternate paths that you can go on, and you can use your identity disc on the light cycle.

The enemies are a freaking PAIN to beat if you don’t know what you’re doing. It helps to have the game on the lowest possible difficulty. The first enemies that make you want to beat your head against the wall are the Sentry V.2s. And then there are the Sentry Scouts. It’s almost impossible to parry their attacks.

And then there are the... Elite Sentries or whatever they’re called. They have a slightly explosive disc, and a shield, sort of the I.C Regulars of the game (for those of you that have played Tron 2.0), this is another enemy whose attacks you can’t parry. Of course these are only pains if you don’t know what button to press in order to use your special disc move, or if you didn’t read the weaknesses of all of the enemies right away.

And those aren’t the only enemies. Apparently succumbing to the latest game trend, Propaganda Games actually put zombies in this game. Only this time, the programs that turn into the zombies are infected by this yellow virus known as the Abraxas Virus. The same yellow stuff that made Clu what he is today. Abraxas is the main villain in the game by the way.

There are definitely some throwbacks to the old arcade game, the tank missions being one of them, and you already know about the light cycles.

There are two versions of this game: the regular edition, and the Collector’s Edition. The Collector’s Edition comes with the light cycle from the game, and a display case for the light cycle that also has a drawer for the game.

The Collector’s Edition costs $129.99, and the regular edition costs $44.99.

This seems like a very good game for a company like NECA to pick up. They could make some great action figures from it. They could definitely make all, or at least some of the lights into the figures without sacrificing any of the articulation. They did that with their Isaac Clarke figure (from Dead Space).

I definitely recommend this game. It has very good graphics, the gameplay is great, it can be frustrating at times but it’s a good game nonetheless, it has zombies if you like that sort of thing, and the Collector’s Edition comes with a very cool light cycle that actually lights up and is glossy and sleek. Glossy and sleek things are very cool.


Click HERE to get the regular edition of Tron: Evolution

And click HERE to get the Collector's Edition

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