Viewtiful Joe Review

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Viewtiful Joe Review

from Clover Studios

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A really, really, really, really awesome game.

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Viewtiful Joe is a video game by Clover Studios and Capcom. Clover also made Okami and God Hand.

The plot is that Joe's girlfriend, Silvia, is kidnapped and taken into a movie by a giant shadowy being.

The game focuses on finding and rescuing Silvia, until stage 3 (20,000,000 Leagues Under the Sea), where you have to save an underwater city by disarming a bomb in level 2 (don't worry, it's not timed), and then it goes back to the original objective after stage 5 (The Midnight Thunderboy).

In the first stage (Joe the Hero), you start out slow, and as you progress through the level you find health, V-points, and the occasional Biancky and Verdy (which are enemies by the way). This is the stage where you accuire the first two powers (Slow and Mach Speed). After the second level, you fight Charles the 3rd. It's an easy fight granted that you stock up on Voomerangs (projectile weapons in in which you use the V crest like a throwing star, which I think is really cool because I like the concept of a weapon hiding in plain sight), play the game and you'll find out why.

Stage 2 is where you get the final power (zoom in), this is a useful power, especially with slow.

For those of you who have trouble defeating Fire Leo (the 6th boss), I'm going to tell you how to defeat him with ease: Remember how I said that zoom in is a useful power? Well after Fire Leo is done doing his spinning attack, instead of slowing down and hitting him, zoom in, slow down, and hit him as much as you can (5 times is the complete maximum, but squeeze in a little more if you can).

There are 8 bosses in the 7 stages that are in the game: Captain Blue, Charles the 3rd, Hulk Davidson, Gran Bruce, Another Joe, Alastor, Fire Leo, and King Blue.

The game is sort of a cartoony manga-style superhero action game, and it is really cool.

I think that this is a really awesome game, because I really like the effects, the gameplay, and it's just really, really freaking cool because you can control the visual effects. And if you have the PS2 version, after playing through the game once, you unlock Dante from the "Devil May Cry" series. And maybe some other characters if you finish it more than once on a different difficulty, and maybe with a different character.

I think that this is a really awesome game, and I EXTREMELY recommend it, and if you want to get it, there is a link on the bottom.

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